There's a ton of conflicting information out there regarding carb counts when living a low carb or ketogenic lifestyle. Should you count net carbs or total carbs? What ARE net carbs?

You can have some berries if you are counting NET carbs, woohoo!

When starting a ketogenic lifestyle, it's tough deciphering through all the conflicting information out there! One of the most confusing things when starting out, in my opinion, is the concept of NET carbs. Most companies creating low carb products out there advertise their total carb count with NET carbs, but how exactly do they arrive at that number?

"What in the world are NET Carbs? Should I count them or Total Carbs? WHY?! How do I calculate them? What are sugar alcohols?" -Every Person starting a Low Carb Diet

Here is the simple equation to find net carbs:





Sounds simple enough, right?

No, but what are Sugar Alcohols?!

Sugar Alcohols are synthetic or plant-derived sweeteners that have a minimal impact on your blood sugar levels.

Some sugar alcohols have more glycemic impact than others. In fact, some, like maltitol, have HALF the impact of sugar itself, making it not truly low-carb! Most generic "sugar-free" products on the market are made with maltitol and should be AVOIDED. The sugar alcohols that have minimal impact that I promote are monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol. ALWAYS check the ingredients on products that are marketed as low carb to make sure they are using low-glycemic sweeteners!

You can also subtract fiber because your body does not process it. It is eliminated by the body, and therefor does not need to be counted.

To hear more regarding the longstanding battle regarding Net carbs vs Total Carbs watch the video below!


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