Never Yo-Yo Diet Again!

We've all seen it before...

Up and Down... When will it end?

You put in the time and dedication to achieve your fitness goals. You're finally feeling good, and ready to stop whatever protocol you're on, loosen things up a bit, and actually enjoy your new body.


It's a couple weeks later, and you've gained all your weight back (or lost your size if you were trying to mass and gain muscle), and you're wondering what the heck happened! We've all been there. In fact 80% of people who commit themselves to a weight loss plan end up gaining the weight back. EIGHTY. PERCENT. That is an insane statistic! Then you decide to diet again...committed that this time, it's going to stick! Up and down, up and down, just like a yo-yo-- and there we have the ubiquitous term. Yo-yo dieting. Your metabolism is shot, and your body composition is likely worse than when you started because of it. Yikes.

The thing is, there is a clear and simple way to avoid this phenomenon, and maintain your results for good!


It's just how it sounds. You slowly but surely reverse your diet until you're at your maintenance calories, and then you're set! You see, everyone has a number of calories at which their body naturally burns daily: Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). Once you find out that number for your new body (either with equations of by working with a Coach), you can slowly raise your calories from their current deficit number over time until you reach your TDEE! That's it! Your body will slowly adjust to the increase in calories, and over that time you may CONTINUE to lose weight because you will still be in a deficit until you reach that magical TDEE number! You end up eating more than you ever thought you could, looking even better than when you ended your cut, and being more mentally stable than any other time you've put effort into your body!

I know sometimes reading articles like this can be confusing, so I have a video that makes it a little easier to understand!

I hope this helps you end the cycle of yo-yo dieting for good! Once I learned this trick, my body was never better, I was eating mostly whatever I wanted, and my mind was not obsessed with food or counting calories.

Reverse dieting is the gift wrap and bow on the present that is your new body!


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