What are Macros? Why Do People Track Them? And HOW?!

Sometimes people wonder why they aren't successful on their fitness journey... The first question I ask is: "ARE YOU TRACKING YOUR MACROS?!"

Okay, maybe it's not that aggressive. But to me and countless other coaches, tracking macros is STEP #1 when embarking on a fitness and diet journey.

“If you're just guessing when it comes to your diet, why are you surprised when you do not see the results that you desire?”

Tracking macros creates black and white facts regarding your intake-- facts you can adjust to manipulate your body and its results based on how its been performing with the macros you've been taking in! How do you know what is working or not if you are not tracking?

Ok, so you've decided to start tracking macros...

How do you start? How do I calculate my macros?

Well, your height, weight, sex, activity level, lean body mass percentage are just a few of the of the factors an online calculator or professional nutrition coach would take into consideration when determining your calorie needs.

Once you have your caloric goals in place, then determining the ratios of how you divide up those calories into macronutrients is the next step. How many grams of Carbohydrate (4 cals per gram), Protein (4 cals per gram), and Fat (9 cals per gram) will make up those calories?

Your specific goals will help determine those ratios. Are you trying to do a high carb/low fat approach? Or maybe you are living a Ketogenic lifestyle currently... Do you weight lift a lot? Are you trying to put on muscle, and care less about the number on the scale? Then maybe your protein number will be a little higher. Maybe you care mostly about fat loss, so maybe your protein number will be a little lower... ETC.

At the end of the day, there are a LOT of factors that go into the calculating of ones' macros. This is why the best way to guarantee your macros are accurate is not by using an online calculator, but instead, working with a coach who can apply knowledge and a thorough inventory of your history and goals.

I have recently opened the option here on my site to hire me to do this extensive inventory, and calculate your macros just for you. This should get you started on your journey with the best foot forward! And only for $29! Are you kidding? What a steal for the piece of mind of knowing you're eating exactly what you should be!

For more detailed information and discussion from yours truly regarding MACROS, go ahead and dive deep into this Youtube video:

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Your Coach,



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