The Best KETO Ice Cream on the market?!

Over the last year or so, KETO products have popped up all over the internet, but few were widely available. You either had to special order online, or be lucky enough to be in a certain area where your supermarket carried it...

I traveled all over the country for 15 months on a tour of a Broadway musical, and only THREE times in that time did I find KETO ice creams in the grocery store of that particular area. Or, if you're like me in Los Angeles, items are carried in store, but not in a major supermarket, which requires a special trip.

Listen, I love ice cream, but not enough make a special trip to Hollywood or DTLA. (If you're living in Los Angeles County, you know what a bummer this can be coming from certain parts of town).

This explains why when Enlightened brand came out with an entire KETO line, I was jaw-on-the-floor, jump-up-and-down, screaming-with-joy excited.

Enlightened Brand has been around for a few years, and their traditional recipe touts a high-protein, low sugar, and low-fat ice cream product. It's pretty much in every supermarket, alongside similar ice creams, like Halo Top. They also have Dairy-Free options.

However, up until now, those types of ice creams were considered KETO-friendly, but not necessarily a perfect fit for the keto diet (which is moderate-protein, high-fat VS the OG formulas high protein, low fat recipe). You could make them work if you were strategic with your macros...but now....??

These ice creams in the KETO Collections are full-on, 100% Keto approved! Delicious high-fat delights with only ONE NET CARB PER SERVING!!! The lowest on the market, I believe!

I went through a taste test of all the flavors, discussed my opinion of each, along with my opinion of the product line overall... Although you can tell from this blog entry that I feel pretty great about them! However, IMO some flavors are better than others.

Watch the video here:

I was in NO WAY compensated for this post or video, nor was I asked to make it. I did however receive these ice creams from Enlightened.

If you would like to try these KETO ice creams on your own, and save a little cash while you're at it, use code SAMANTHA at checkout for $7 off + FREE SHIPPING! This is not an affiliate link, it is simply a coupon code to help you save!

I am so excited to have KETO ice cream widely available as soon as Enlightened's KETO Collection arrives in stores nationwide!

Have you tried these new products from Enlightened? Let me know what your opinion is here in the comments!

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