My most commonly asked questions...

How does the plan work? What does it include? 

  • Phew! Where do I start?! This program is going to change everything about what you've been taught about weight loss and fitness!

  • THE DIET DESTROYER PROGRAM is my proven and science backed system to manipulating your body composition, on demand!

  • I take clients who are struggling with creating a lifestyle and maintaining results, and I teach them the nutritional science of why everything they’ve been told (calorie restriction, common health nutritional guidelines, etc) all that is actually a disservice to their progress! It is NOT YOUR FAULT.

  • Learn how to play the long game in terms of weight loss, not the short game. Anyone can lose 20 pounds for a season, but I teach you how to do it and maintain it for LIFE.

  • It isn't simply about weight loss. It's about HEALTH, which is priceless. I have helped clients health wise, getting people off of insulin who were on it for 20 years, simply with food. I’ve helped people regulate hormones who couldn’t get pregnant get pregnant, simply with food. I’ve helped people get off of joint medications, blood pressure meds, and more simply with food!

  • Learn all the steps to manipulate your body on demand, all while eating more calories than you ever thought, in a clear, concise, and organized format!

  • Twice a week LIVE calls with me to ask your questions and get the support you need!

  • Access to the PRIVATE Facebook group to ask questions at ANY time, and get an answer within 24hrs. You also get the support and help from others going through the program WITH you! 

  • Not only will you learn the science of my step by step program, but I will also help you tackle the MENTAL aspect of accomplishing any fitness goal. I want you to tackle all of the habits that brought you to me in the first place. My goal is to set you up for success so you can be in ABSOLUTE control of your body for the rest of your life. At the end of our time together, you will have the knowledge and comprehension of how YOUR specific body works, and the foods you need to consume to manipulate it into any thing you want!

  • THE DIET DESTROYER PROGRAM teaches you all about implementing a Reverse Diet Strategy. This gives you the tools to eat more than you ever have, get your calories back up to where they were (maybe even higher) than when we started, and not gain ANY of your weight back. Your results will be maintained by establishing your new weight as your new "set point". Should you choose to do another weight loss phase down the line, you'll be ready and able because you will have been eating the appropriate maintenance calories. 

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What exactly is "Reverse Dieting"?

  • Please reference my YouTube video all about Reverse Dieting. I promise it will make sense after watching! 

----> Click Here to Watch my video all about Reverse Dieting

What is the advantage of working with a coach?

  1. Accountability---> You have someone to be accountable to other than yourself. It does WONDERS for your mentality and strength in your convictions for your goals! 

  2. Convenience---> You have a clear cut, science-based, step-by-step proven system!

  3. Education----> You will actually LEARN and CREATE habits to last you a lifetime, and get to the bottom of what works, and what doesn't! You will finally be able to maintain results FOR LIFE!

I'm not sure if I am ready for The Diet Destroyer Program, should I get the Customized Macros in the meantime? 

  • If you are not in a place either financially or mentally to go for The Diet Destroyer Program, then getting customized macros you can hit for a specific time to achieve a specific goal is a GREAT place to start! GO to the SEE IF YOU QUALIFY section and click on "Customized Macros" or the "Do It Yourself 8 Week Plan" for more information. 

What is the difference between your old 8-12 week coaching style and The Diet Destroyer Program

  • In my former, traditional style of coaching, I would answer questions and explain concepts as they came up in each client's personal experience. The lessons and concepts would blow clients minds consistently, but sometimes clients wouldn’t know WHAT questions to ask, or sometimes the concepts or issues would come up later in the process, in week 4 or week 6 for example. So-- I came up with a solution for all my clients to LEVEL UP. Now I am putting everything I know that I teach my clients 1:1, PLUS so much more into a course so they can do it themselves, and not miss a thing! This GUARANTEES that every single client can mine me for ALL the valuable wisdom I have in a clear, concise, and organized manner, while continuing to have the customized, individual 1:1 guidance, and coaching I always provide through the process.

Can you take payment installments?

  • YES! Installments are now available, interest free! Payments made toward THE DIET DESTROYER PROGRAM receive a $75 discount if paid in full at sign up. 

Do I have to intermittent fast? 

  • Absolutely not! If you are interested in learning about and implementing IF, we can certainly work it into your personalized protocol, but I will never FORCE anything on any of my clients. That just isn't how I operate, and IF is simply a TOOL, and not a REASON for success in terms of accomplishing fitness goals.  

Do you only coach people who want to do KETO?

  • Reread my "About" page!!  I live a KETO lifestyle, and most of my clients are KETO because they WANT to be, or because they found me though my Keto/Carnivore centric Instagram page: @samanthasouzaofficial. I came to find that there are so many people struggling with the conflicting information about KETO, and I wanted to simplify it for them, and AMPLIFY their results!  I specialize in guiding people through the KETO way of life, but I am trained and proficient in many styles of eating. THE DIET DESTROYER PROGRAM does focus on how to best implement a ketogenic lifestyle, but the core messages can be applicable to any diet. If you are POSITIVE you do not want to live a ketogenic diet, please email me prior to our Consultation Call, so we can discuss all your options. I have clients who do NOT do KETO, and they have equally fantastic results! At the end of the day, you have to find the diet that works for YOU. We will accomplish that TOGETHER! 

Do you provide meal plans?

  • I am very anti-meal plans. I find these common "30 Day Shred" plans that tell you exactly what to eat do NOT work long term, because, simply, you don't LEARN anything. My program is structured very specifically so you LEARN how to build your own meals using the guidelines I give you weekly, and by doing so, you will learn how to Intuitively Eat properly for your goals. Hitting your macros for 8-12 weeks and creating the meals yourself with those guidelines sets you up for LONG TERM success. You will not yo-yo diet ever again with this knowledge, unlike a meal plan where post people just END the plan, and go right back to their old habits because they didn't acquire any knowledge. No wonder you gain all the weight back after these types of diets! 

We would love for you to represent our product? Where can we discuss working together? 

"I have more questions not answered here!" OR "SOUNDS GREAT! I would love to sign up, but I'm still a little hesitant."

  • That's okay! Please email me at and let's set up a Call. I can't wait to answer all your questions. Let's see if we are a good fit for each other! 

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