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Certified Nutrition Coach

FYI: All Photos On this website are unedited to show real results. No retouching!


Find Out WHY you've yo-yo dieted for years...and more importantly, how to end the cycle!

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Welcome! I’m Samantha and I’m so excited you’re here. I am a Certified Nutrition Coach, earning my credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. My journey with diet and fitness has been life-long. I’ve done every diet under the sun (seriously, name it, I did it). I’ve learned many fitness and nutritional lessons over the years, having maintained over a 75 pound weight loss for over a decade. I’ve bio-hacked and experimented with different weight loss and muscle building techniques over the years, and helped many friends and family along the way. After helping many people transform their bodies through nutrition, I decided to get certified, and transfer my knowledge and experience to YOU! 

When it comes to your diet, whether you are gaining to add muscle, cutting to lose fat, or trying to change your body composition and not worried as much about the scale... it’s all a mental game. I am trained just as much about the mental side of trying to achieve your fitness goals as much as I am about the science. I’ve been where you are, and I care about making this as EASY a process for you as possible. 

I have an intense passion for educating people about nutrition in regards to fitness, and am a FIRM believer that “abs are made in the kitchen”. I am also a huge proponent of the idea that diets are NOT and SHOULD not be one size fits all. Every single client deserves a thorough, personalized assessment of their habits and preferences. Only then can a customized plan and approach be applied! 

After all, shouldn’t your diet be as unique as YOU are? 

My real specialty is helping people create a lifestyle for good-- no more yo-yo dieting! I also train my clients to be able to eat intuitively at the end of their journey. They maintain their weight effortlessly for the first time in their life! I also pride myself on helping people get off of insulin (after being on it for 20+ years), blood pressure medications, joint pain medications... I've also helped regulate hormones and help people get pregnant who could not previously... all simply with nutrition! It's a blessing and I love what I do!



"I had tried everything on my own, and while Keto a year prior helped me lose weight, I had gained it all back. I was unable to shed body fat and build muscle. Samantha was able to break down what I felt was complicated science to help me find what would work best for my lifestyle and goals. Having someone to hold me accountable, celebrate my achievements (even when I couldn't see them) made all the difference in my success. I've been able to maintain my weight loss, continue to shed fat, and build muscle all while eating more!

I now have the tools that will stay with me for the rest of my life to live a happier and healthier lifestyle."



6-Week Cut client (Lost 17 Inches from her body and 8 lbs in 6 weeks)

"These 8 weeks of coaching with Samantha were some of the most eye-opening weeks for me. Samantha is extremely passionate about what she does and that 1000% reflects in her coaching. Was it hard initially?? Yes. But again, Samantha was literally always available to help me out. She is extremely approachable so I never felt like I needed to hold back on sharing what I was going through with the diet, even if it wasn't the greatest. I absolutely loved how she always heard me out, helped me navigate through socializing, vacations, illnesses etc. while maintaining my diet! It was like having a friend and confidant who exactly got what I was going through! I NEVER felt that I wasn't eating enough. If anything, it was hard for me to eat all my calories for the day!!! 

I have hypothyroidism and that has always held me back in physically being able to push my boundaries. The associated hormonal issues made it super difficult for me to lose weight...Even my physician agreed that my hormones have never been this fantastically regulated. I haven't felt this good physically (and inadvertently mentally) in a long time! Samantha also does an amazing job at explaining the "whys" behind the diet plan, instead of just a to-do list and that was very important to me. I definitely intend to continue working with Samantha. She is kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend anyone looking for a lifestyle change to give Samantha a chance. You will not regret it." 

-TJ- 8 Week Cut client (Lost 6 inches from her lower belly alone, 4 from her waist)

I've lost 20.2 pounds and 12.5 inches. It's SO EXCITING! In the beginning, I was really uncertain about what changes and how much change would happen to me. It really has been surprising and I am so grateful! I know I am still at the beginning of my life long health journey, but I feel way more equipped than ever to approach nutrition with a healthy perspective and with control. I'm excited to go into maintenance to enforce that I can maintain the changes and even more excited to cut again in the future to further my health goals. 


THANK YOU!!!! I truly wouldn't have been able to do this without your guidance and coaching. I am so, so grateful for you and am thankful that you have gone down the road of nutrition coaching to directly and positively impact people every single day. 

-S. -12 Week Cut Client

My 12 weeks with Samantha have been some of the most life-changing weeks of my life in changing my overall health, both inside & out. As someone who could maintain a size zero while eating anything & everything ... I never established proper relationships with food and overall health. Fast-forward 15 years...I had gained & lost the same 50 lbs multiple times without any long term sustainability whenever stress & life changes hit. As a practicing physician, I've always been aware about the LACK of education I received about PROPER nutrition throughout my training. While I would generally "understand' science, macro-counting, etc, I could not break the cycle of stress-eating & not putting my health as a priority. I had gotten to my heaviest of my life at 32, felt physically weaker than the 60 year olds in my gym, & wanted to turn my life around. My 12 weeks spanned the time of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years, & I was able to truly cultivate a LIFESTYLE that allowed for progressive weight loss while enjoying real life. Samantha was fantastic in not only her knowledge of nutrition but in prioritizing the thought process behind our actions for long-term sustainability. She helped kick start my own research into the Ketogenic lifestyle & I loved that I was able to live through the ups & downs in my own body changes that I felt empowered to counsel my own patients with better health habits! By the end, after LOSING 21 inches (and still MAINTAINING this loss over 6 weeks later [intuitively]) I also feel I GAINED so much more self-love, self-control, & self-understanding. She has the IT factor since she's been through this herself & I even will personally refer my own patients to work with her because that's how much I believe in the process. Do yourself a favor, stop your analysis paralysis, & sign up to give yourself the investment in your health. - C.K.

"It has been great working with Samantha! I am in the middle of my reverse dieting phase after a 12-week cut, and have already signed on for my second 12-week cut. Samantha has worked with me to identify food options at restaurants and logging choices that have helped keep me on track, and have led to significant progress. I was a little skittish at first for going KETO but with Samantha’s help I have been successful at it, and found it to be easy and beneficial. I lost over 30 pounds in my first cut, 5 pounds in the first half of my [6 week] reverse diet, and I feel great both mentally and physically. I look forward to continuing my work with Samantha to reach and maintain my goals." -S.D.

"I tried KETO in the past and saw some results with weight loss but I was eating a lot of processed food and I was not feeling healthy doing it, I did not feel like I was taking care of my body. However, my experience the second time around when I was working with Samantha was completely different. I was more mindful about what I was putting into my body and I felt great... I used to be an emotional eater and a lot of junk food I was consuming was mindless eating which made me feel better at the moment but I always regretted eating later. Having a coach helped me with accountability and with Samantha, you feel like you are sharing your experience with a friend. She was always encouraging me to focus on what I learnt and reminding me of the progress I made. This helped me stay on track... Investing in my health was one of the best decisions I took in 2019, I never had success maintaining my discipline and working with Samantha changed that. I always think about our first call when she said, “8 weeks is a small time frame in the grand scheme of things”. However, 8 weeks was also significant enough for me to continue to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices now that I have seen my body transform and all the information I learnt from Samantha helps making those decisions much easier."

-Sushma, 8 week client

"Before I began working with Samantha, we spoke over the phone. During that conversation, I was flooded with a variety of emotions including shame, fear, … and relief. In Samantha, I felt that I had found someone who REALLY understood me & my struggles with food and my body. These are things that have been a battle my ENTIRE life. Name a diet, I’ve most likely tried it. Although there has been some success in the past, I never felt happy with myself or my relationship with food. I am beyond thrilled to say that after working with Samantha I no longer feel this way!! [She] took time to know & understand me, & how MY body works... I knew that I was making changes that were going to be long lasting. I could tell that my relationship with food was changing, & in turn, my relationship with myself. Samantha was so encouraging, & helped remind me how important these mental changes are. Early on I was terrified for our time working together to end, because I knew what had happened in the past. Old habits returned, weight piled back on. But somewhere along those 12 weeks, this fear changed, too. Instead, I feel confident in myself, in the new habits that I’ve built, and knowing that if I ever need her, Samantha will be there for support. If you are looking for a change in your relationship with food, a better understanding of...what works for your body, & the most supportive person to help you achieve those goals, there is no one I would recommend more than Samantha!"

-Susan, 12 week client

KELLY LOST 22 LBS IN 9 WEEKS in the New Year New You Challenge:

"In the 6 weeks during the challenge I have learned so much and had scale and non-scale victories, which have included feeling focused, energized and more knowledgable about my journey.

Being a 4x knee surgery patient I have had some limitations regarding exercise BUT that hasn’t slowed my weight loss 16.6 in 6 weeks, inches down but better than all of that is the constant inflammation has left my body! The pain in my knee is so much better and it’s been incredible. 

I walked 7 flights of stairs after not taking stairs for years!! 

Samantha & Serein are a duo that can’t be stopped.  The challenge aspect is great if you want the support of others that are  dealing with the same issues you are, whether that is weight loss, struggles with food, or just wanting to amp up your current routine. These ladies care about YOU! The support is endless, the love & care is evident throughout the 6 weeks. 

I encourage anyone that is thinking about joining to sign up, now! You won’t regret it , in fact you will love it and you will love yourself even more <3."

JOYCE, LOST 34 INCHES IN 9 WEEKS in the New Year New You Challenge:

One of the best investments I have made! If you have tried everything to lose weight and not succeeded, this Challenge is for you! The individual coaching and wealth of information that you receive throughout the Challenge can make the science  of losing weight much more comprehensible. Personally, I learned not to solely rely on the dreaded scale, but rather take into account the loss of inches, even when the scale doesn’t move. It’s a great program that will teach you how to maintain good health, far beyond the length of your particular challenge. 

For more Client Results and updates on all my clients incredible progress, check out my Instagram (@samanthasouzaofficial), and click on the "Client Results" Highlight!

Are you ready to end the cycle of yo-yo dieting for good?



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